Friday, 3 December 2010

1DayLater - recent happenings

Now that my brother David and I are firmly settled into The Shed, I figured it was about time we contributed to this blog and let people know what we're up to!

Besides meeting lots of interesting new people over the past months and learning about their diverse and interesting businesses, we have been cracking on with some great new projects of our own...

Our business deals with finding elegant ways of visualising and beautifying data, something which we use within our flagship software product 1DayLater . 1DayLater lets users track their everyday business activities including how they spend their time, money and mileage.

We've managed to attract around 10,000 users to the service since we launched earlier this year - a milestone to really celebrate!

So that is our main product and something we are constantly trying to improve. We also find time to get involved with other projects too, the most recent being with a local company called Montrose River and their exciting product CPOMS (Child Protection Online Monitoring System)

This software has really grabbed our attention because of it's unique nature. It allows teachers to effectively monitor bullying, abuse and vulnerable children so that their schools can offer the right support when it is needed.

Now we are using our experience to help improve the software and we are looking at ways to visualise the interactions between students - this can come in very handy when a supply teacher visits a new school for example and has no idea about the dynamics of a classroom!

The response from schools so far has been overwhelmingly positive. So positive in fact that I have taken on a sales manager role within the company to help them get off the ground. It also happens that I'm good friends with the managing director of the company and really want to see him succeed.

My next goal is to get CPOMS into as many local schools and authorities as possible. If anyone from The Shed (or otherwise) could introduce me to deputy headteachers or headteachers in the area, that would be a great help indeed!

The King Brothers

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