Business Name: OneNineFour Studio
Members: Colin Davies
Overview of Business:Graphic designer started his own design studio called OneNineFour in Newcastle in January 2009 specializing in creating branding, editorial design and art direction for the cultural sector. He has also co-curated a number of design exhibitions including Our Friends in the North for Design Event 07 and MadeNorth for Design Event 08.

Business Name: Aether & Hemera
Members: Gloria Ronchi, Claudio Benghi
Overview of Business: A lighting design and new media architecture partnership specialising in art installations and lighting schemes which began in 2008.
Originally from Milan, Italy they completed a fellowship at the Institute of Digital Innovation  University of Teesside in 2008. For this they created a prototype for an interactive 'Mood Chair' which changes colour in response to the sitter and the environment. After that they've worked on public art commissions.

Business Name: Boreal
Members: Stephen Gibbs, Chris Barter
Overview of Business: Designs and produces limited edition, bespoke wallets.

Business Name: Eve Bespoke
Members: Eve Oram
Overview of Business: Intend to launch a business as a designer and a producer of ladies bespoke vintage - inspired clothing.

Business Name: Jo Dale
Overview of Business: Textile artist using recycled materials